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Velour Whippet Jumper


On the Go Info

Whippets love to lounge around, so naturally we've included some luxe loungewear for them! Our Velour Jumpers are the perfect mix of softness, warmth and comfort. Perfect for oldies who sleep and feel the cold more than the young ones. A roomy fit, easy to get on and off, allowing for air to flow on a snoozing hound. Perfect for lazy TV Sundays when it's a bit miserable outside, or when you've come home from a cold walk and want to snuggle up on the sofa with your whippet. Keep one in the car to pop on for the journey home after a chilly walk.


  • The most luxe choice of whippet loungewear
  • Designed to fit your whippet for comfort when lounging and snoozing
  • Created by whippet wear specialists
  • High end comfort, roomy fit, soft drapey fabric and front legs for maximum chest warmth
  • So soft, you will be stroking it as well as the dog!
  • Perfect for Slowing Seniors to sleep in

Product Details

  • 5 whippet sizes
  • 6 Lush colours
  • 64% polyester, 33% viscose, 3% elastane
  • Washable in non-bio at 30 degrees
  • Created in Kent by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss return policy


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Is this jumper breathable?

The velour fabric is a mix of manmade fibres so it won't be breathable like cotton, but the roomy fit allows for air flow. Always check to be sure your whippet is not overheating if covered in blankets while wearing it.

My whippet always pees on jumpers, will this be suitable?

Because this is a loungewear item, you want to be able to keep it on for quick pee trips in the garden. It does have our signature elastic under belly which should avoid pee accidents if the correct size is selected.

Top Tip

If you've got a boy with a bad aim, fold the jumper up when he goes out for those garden pee breaks. Then you don't have to take it off completely so the snoozing can commence in comfort once inside.

Style It Up

This whippet jumper needs no styling up other than the cosiest of dog beds or the most lush of blankets on your sofa.

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