Staying Open & COVID-19

At the time of writing this there won't be many who haven't heard of Covid-19 - Corona Virus.

The terms 'lockdown' & 'social distancing were unfamiliar. But in a matter of weeks we are all now so familiar with them they shape our day to day lives in a way we could never have imagined.

At first there was confusion, then fear and now, for the most part, compliance. But where did it leave small online businesses like ours? Luckily our government has given strong guidance on this and while many bricks and mortar shops had to close there doors, online shops are encouraged to stay open, if it is possible to trade with safety in mind for their workers. For some bigger businesses great changes have been made, shifts for workers, more room between them and many working from home.

For those of us with smaller teams it has been relatively easy to implement changes. So, what have we done in order to stay open at this time?

  • Our sewers are working from home with weekly drop offs - made at a safe distance
  • I come in every day but with only one other member of the team, we are working several metres apart or in separate rooms
  • We clean any surface used by both regularly and have a supply of hand wash available
  • We leave the post for 24 hours before opening

Our wonderful team of skilled sewers, cutter and packers are very important to us. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is paramount and we cannot manage without them. And while you are still placing orders we are here to give you the excellent service you deserve.

There are, however a few things out of our control

Postal Services

In the UK the Royal Mail do a brilliant job getting millions of parcels to the most far flung places, often within 24 hours! However, they are under enormous strain at present, much like they are in the lead up to Christmas, so please be patient if you receive a 'your order is complete' email but don't see your parcel the next day. The local post offices are on shorter working days, with post being collected a few hours earlier than normal meaning that your parcel might not even go until the day after you get the email.

Overseas postal services are dependent on air freight, much of which is now suspended, and some countries are holding mail once it has arrived in the country. BUT, all our overseas mail goes with a tracking number so, in theory these parcels will have a journey online that tells you where your parcel is. Once in the country of destination it means a little due diligence on your part to track it with your local postal service as once it has left us, we have no more control than you. Please be patient.

Increase in restrictions

It is also possible that restrictions for 'non essential' workers will be implemented,  if this does happen, we will, of course close up until these restrictions are lifted, but continue to support our team financially because they rely on us as we do them. Having spent nearly 10 years getting this far, we feel that we are in a strong position and will not be giving up. We will continue to bring you wonderful, stylish and practical clothing for your hounds.

Fabric Supply

Currently our two main fabric suppliers are closed, but, we have a good amount of stock but might run out of certain colours should this continue for more than 3 months. We have worked hard to maintain stock levels of the most popular lines, Fleeces, Tees and Whip-it-Away Macs so, hopefully we won't run into any shortages....

Nobody can predict when this will end, and with the nation in a state of anxiety I feel that those of us lucky enough to have dogs at least have some respite, after all, they are oblivious to what the World is going through right now and many are revelling in the 24 hour company of their owners. New puppies are still going to their new homes, judging by the amount of Puppy Packs we are currently sending out! These pups will bring the most amazing joy to their owners who will potentially have more time to enjoy the early months than they might once have had.

At the time of writing we are up to date with our orders and taking an extended Easter Break. I will be mostly knitting and writing, Mr Redhound will be in the garden and the whippets will be loving every moment of our 24/7 attention. We will be missing days out, long walks and seeing friends and family - just like everyone else, we are all in this together to see this virus off and reduce the havoc it causes.

Stay safe and feel free to place orders but be mindful that they won't be going out until the week beginning April 20th.

Debbie x



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