Subscription Boxes - why would you?

So much has changed since I brought my first whippet home over 16 years ago. Even in the last 3 years I have seen an explosion of items on offer for your beloved four-legged companion that just weren’t even thought of 10 years ago. The internet has largely fuelled this choice and for that I am grateful – we wouldn’t have a business without it!

One such item is the Subscription Box. When we welcomed George into our lives, I wanted only the best for him. The excitement of having a puppy around was hedonistic after a few sedate years followed by the grief of losing two dogs so close together. I was browsing the internet one evening when I saw one of my lovely customers on Instagram showing off his new subscription box. Full of treats and toys - I got quite excited, clicked the link and signed George up for a monthly box.

With much anticipation we waited for it to arrive in the post. When it did, I don’t know who was more excited me or him! The first few boxes were packed with goodies and he just loved helping me open the box, discovering together many new treats – very helpful for training. But over time I felt the boxes were being padded out with food sachets and less treats and toys. Now, when you have a whippet like George with a sensitive tummy you don’t mess with his diet, he was by then doing very well on Butternut Box homemade food and I didn’t want to mess it up by giving him random sachets of another brands food.

Our subscription came to an end and that was that. I didn’t renew it.

Then I met Jo from Collar Club. We have been Instagram friends for a while in a little group of women who all have dog related businesses. Jo set up Collar Club because she wanted her dog Winston to have the very best but in a sea of choice online and in shops she didn’t know where to start looking. After much research and through the right nutrition and skin care she got Winston in top condition. Winston had arrived with bad skin, bad coat and a really bad tummy.

I have some friends who have been getting Jo’s boxes for a few months so I knew that they are stuffed with lots of great products. So, I subscribed to a monthly box – Jo also offers bi-monthly and quarterly boxes – but I decided with now having Winnie on the scene, monthly might be the way to go.

The cost is £32.99 per box but having had my first box I really do think it is worth the money.

Why do I think that?

The items are top quality

  • You will be introduced to new dog treat brands you might not have discovered
  • The toys are not your run of the mill pet shop toys
  • Each box comes with a card explaining each item with hints, tips and recipes
  • Jo personally packs each box and so you can customise your box
  • My dogs love receiving the box
  • I am helping a small business get off the ground

The dog food market is huge, I recently read that it is now worth £1.7 billion with new treat-based products popping up daily. Knowing that Jo has personally curated and selected each brand takes the decision away from me, so if you don’t know where to start because there is so much choice, having a subscription box is the answer!

Maybe you don’t live anywhere near a pet shop, or maybe your local shop is stuck in the 1990’s with a meagre selection of very beige dried treats that are weighed out like pick and mix. No ingredients on show, and yes, they might be cheap, but they are cheap for a reason!

I live in an area like this, not an upmarket pet shop in sight. Having my monthly box arrive packed full of delicious treats and plush toys will keep George, Winnie and me very happy!

So, let’s look at this month’s box in more detail so you can make your own mind up.

Raw Dry Chicken Jerky – these are amazing and the packet seems to go on and on. They are the perfect size to use as a reward for a good deed and perfect for recall training and they don’t go all dusty in your pocket – or bag.

Forthglade Love Treats – this is a brand I already love, they are all natural and grain free so great for sensitive tummies. These are heart shaped – well, it was Valentine’s this month – and they break in two for handy sized portions.

Bark Bites – Sweet Dreams Delights Bedtime treats made with apple, honey and lavender. This is not a brand I knew about and these little balls of delight have been deployed at night time – George and Winnie go bonkers for them! A big hit.

Harley Bears – Coconut heart shaped bites – presented in a beautiful box, these treats look far too good for dogs! George wasn’t too sure at first but when he realised how yummy they are he was ready for another! Winnie devoured hers! The coconut oil is supposed to be good for their joints.

Dog & I Walking on Sunshine Canine Cologne – now we know Kerri who is the inspiration behind this brand and we are big fans of her lavender soap – for dogs – healing balms and Canine Colognes. WHY? We use it to keep their beds fresh, keep my car fresh and to keep them fresh when there is an underlying odour of fox poo on them or their collars if a quick wash in the stream is all I am able to manage that day.

P.L.A.Y – pea pod plush toy – already a firm favourite with both dogs. If you think your dog would destroy this super quick Jo offers a tough toy option.

Recipe Card with recipes for Muttloaf and Heartbeet Biscuits – I am going to try both.

Now, I think that represents good value for money, but if you aren’t so sure and want to give it a go - you can cancel your box at any time -  Jo is offering you a special 20% off your first order with the code: REDHOUND20 - just tap it in at the checkout! Collar Club

If you want more information Jo also has Facebook and Instagram pages - where she keeps you up to speed on all her news.

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