Support a Small Business Christmas Gift Guide

Over the last 8 years, since I started Redhound, I have been lucky enough to meet the talented people behind some amazing small businesses. Some I have met at shows, some online. Many are dog related - we seem to gravitate to each other! 

I am not going to lie, I do buy from bigger brands, but I choose to support many small businesses whenever I can, so I thought I would share 7 of my favourites in my Support a Small Business Christmas Gift Guide - for those of you who are last minute shoppers like I am! And they are all Beautifully British! 

Turtle Dove Cashmere Gloves

I confess that I am a little addicted to the finger less cashmere gloves that Turtle Doves produce. Since hearing their founder Kate speak at the Make it British event last year about how she started her business on her kitchen table I have been hooked! Not only are they beautiful, they are made from pre-loved cashmere clothing and are practical too! I am a big fan of finger less gloves - they keep your wrists warm, allow you to take photos when out and how would you tackle a poo bag with normal gloves on?! I think these gloves make the best gift for any lover of luxury and practicality. The only problem you will have is choosing a colour! 

Dicky Bag 

Talking of picking up the doos that your dog will inevitably do on a walk, I would be lost without my Dicky Bag! I have been a fan since we met the founders, husband and wife team, Barry and Mandy at The Devon County Show in 2010 - I have been shouting about their products ever since.

The passion they have is wonderful, and so is their Cornish made product, maybe not your first thought for a Christmas gift, but think again. Do you have a friend or relative who has everything and lives for their dog? The Dicky Bag might be just the quirky gift they will love! No more carrying the embarrassing bag of poo until you find the next available bin, simply stick it in the bag and carry in style! They come in various sizes, with a scented disc and they are washable. 

The Dog & I

Grooming. Not a word you associate with whippets - they have short hair and stay clean don’t they? Well, think again! If you have whippets like ours, who love to roll in smelly stuff you too will need soap or shampoo on a regular basis! I have been happy to know Keri for a while on Instagram and we met at our Happy Hound Day in April, where her display of deliciously natural dog grooming products gave out a heavenly smell around the village green.

Kerri makes dog grooming products that are all natural, only tested on humans and packaged beautifully - fit to adorn any gift under the tree for your dog loving friend or relative. 

We love the lavender soap bar, the soothing skin balm and the spritz - ideal for the car when your dog has rolled in something disgusting! 

Dotty Dog Art

Kathy is a super talented artist who loves dogs! She painted Bruno for me less than a year before he died, and I could not be happier that I have his cheeky face forever captured in a piece of original art. She even painted him with his jumper on!! So Bruno! 

So, how about booking Kathy for a commission of your loved ones beloved dog? I smile every time I see my boy hanging on the wall - it really would be the gift that goes on and on giving love. 

Rhubarb Tree 

Bethany is also an artist and a genius curator of beautiful stuff - her whippet bone china mugs are gorgeous. I treated us to a pair of them when she attended our Happy Hound Day in September. They make the tea taste amazing, and would also make a great mug of fresh chocolate melted into hot milk! These mugs make for a gift that will be cherished and loved by any whippet fan. 

Whippet Snippets Photographer

Do you have a loved one who has everything? They have an adoring dog or two beside them, a dog who’s happiness they put before even their own? But you don’t have a clue what to give them this Christmas? How about booking a photo session with a talented professional? Kerry is based in Surrey, but has clients who travel miles to get their dogs in front of her lens. I have been working with Kerry for 5 years now, we have done numerous Redhound photo shoots over the years and I have been blessed with having many many beautiful images of my dogs, past and present. We have Kerry’s images printed on metal of Bruno and Frankie adorning our hall wall, captured in happy moments that we will cherish forever. 

Booking a session with a photographer for Christmas gives the person something wonderful to look forward to, with the freedom to decide their favourite time of year - they will have a day they will never forget.

Paw Post Subscription Box

To end I thought I would include a gift for your beloved dog - why not treat them to a subscription of goodies that will arrive to delight your dog every month? My two have enjoyed so many great products over the last year - I have discovered some great brands I didn’t know about, and the dogs have enjoyed quality treats and the toys are always fun - these boxes take away the dilemma of ‘what toy’ or ‘what treat’ should I choose in the myriad of choice available to us all now. 

So, I hope I have given you some inspiration - happy shopping!!

Turtle Dove Gloves - Gorgeous Cashmere finger less gloves

Dicky Bag - Essential for any dog owner

The Dog & I - Great Grooming items

Dotty Dog Art - Quirky Dog Art

The Rhubarb Tree - Lovely hound related art and accessories

Whippet Snippets - Professional photographer who shines the light on your dog

Paw Post - Subscription Boxes to make your dog happy


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