Whippet Coats

The Adventurous Explorer

You are most likely to be a young whippet, confident, friendly and outgoing. Won’t mind what the weather is doing, so long as appropriately attired.

Wardrobe Woes

  • Clothing must be comfortable for all that activity
  • Secure and at no risk of coming off mid zoom
  • Bright colours so you can be seen
  • Must be washable for those rolls in smelly stuff

Our Spring/Summer Suggestions

One Colour Tee Shirt in Red

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Chester Light Mac in Sunny Yellow

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Our Autumn/Winter Suggestions

Fleece Jumper in Yellow

Fleece Jumper in Yellow

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Quilted Gilet in Plum layered over a Cosee in Racing Green

Quilted Gilet in Plum over a Cosee in Racing Green

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Quiz Under Maintenance

Please check back soon!
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