Whippet Coats

The Classic Country Dweller

You enjoy the freedom of living in open country, rarely on the lead, and enjoy nothing more than zooms across the field to chase the odd small furry. Happy at the local pub where you can be trusted to settle down to sleep while the humans enjoy themselves.

Wardrobe Woes:

  • You need practical and robust clothing
  • It must be washable for all the mud and rolling
  • Must be warm and waterproof for long walks
  • Easy to run around in

Our Spring/Summer Suggestions

One Colour Tee Shirt in Mustard

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Chester Light Mac in Olive

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Our Autumn/Winter Suggestions

Fleece Jumper in Cinnamon

Fleece Jumper in Brights: Cinnamon

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Be Seen Hi Viz Coat in Lime

Be Seen Hi Viz coat in Lime

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