Whippet Coats

The Senior Plodder

Aged 7 plus. You’ve reached that age where you want to take it easy, walks are not so far, and you love to be beside your human, even when off lead. You can be trusted not to zoom around in the mud and rarely, if ever roll in smelly stuff. You do feel the cold and might have stiff joints.

Wardrobe Woes

  • It must be warm
  • It must be practical and easy to walk in
  • Best if it can be layered

Our Spring/Summer Suggestions

Stripe Tee Shirt for Whippets in Red/Ecru

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Norwich Washable Harness Hole Coat in Olive

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Our Autumn/Winter Suggestions

Two Tone Wrap Neck Fleece in Camel/Navy

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Cumbria Wax Cotton Coat in Navy

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