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Whippet Raincoats

Lightweight Whippet Raincoats

Styles: The Carlisle, The Cardiff, The Chester and The Chester Light

Nobody wants to get caught out in a storm! If you enjoy long walks with your whippet, having one of our lightweight whippet raincoats with you packed away in its little bag ready to pull out when the dark clouds descend is a must.

All of these rain coats are made from 100% cotton and lined in a water-resistant mesh, so they are ideal for the kind of rain most whippets will go out in.

These whippet raincoats are designed to cover much of the back legs for maximum rain protection.

They are shower proof and water resistant. Perfect for most seasons and are easily packed away into their own bag so they can be taken out on walks to be whipped on if the weather changes.

If you need a harness hole, choose the Carlisle or the Chester for winter and Chester Light for summer.

Here’s a handy video on How to fold away your mac.

Redhound for Dogs offer Whippet Clothing, Whippet Coats and Whippet Raincoats

Wax Waterproof Whippet Raincoats

Styles: The Norfolk and The Wiltshire

A wax cotton coat is very traditional in style and will be hardwearing. These coats are very waterproof and will protect from the wind too BUT they are not washable, so might be suited to whippets who don’t like to roll around in mud, or maybe those that don’t zoom about like loons on any walk in any weather!

They are an ideal choice for older whippets or those who live in particularly wet places! The Norfolk can be layered over a jumper in the winter and although the Wiltshire is not designed to have a layer underneath due to its fitted high roll neck, most can fit a tee shirt layer underneath.

Redhound for Dogs offer Whippet Clothing, Whippet Coats and Whippet Raincoats

Warm Whippet Raincoats

Style: The Whitstable

This coat is a fleece lined whippet raincoat, made from water resistant outer fabric with a long cosy fleece snood neck. Ideal for whippets who live in cold climates.

Redhound for Dogs offer Whippet Clothing, Whippet Coats and Whippet Raincoats

Alternative Whippet Raincoats

Style: The Quilted Gilet

If you are looking for a coat that is more like a jumper to wear the Quilted Gilet is a good option. It can be worn over a jumper or tee shirt, secured by poppers underneath and allows your whippet the freedom of movement that a jumper does – no worries about the strap being pulled open when your dog is having a play with others in the park.

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