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What Coat?

Buying the Right Coat - how to select and layer our Products

What coat shall I buy?

The first question to ask yourself is 'what weather conditions does my hound need it for?'

Here are some suggestions:

SUPER COLD DAYS - Fleece jumpers and snoods layered up with our wool or wax coats are ideal for very cold dry days.

COLD DAYS - Fleece jumpers and snoods layered up with our quilted coats work well on cold days.

WET DAYS - Any of our wax coats or thicker quilted coats are great for the kind of wet day your hound will actually go out in!

DRIZZLY DAYS - Any of our lightweight whippet raincoats will keep your hound happy, well as happy as a hound can be in wet weather!

Do you need the coat to be washable? 

If you have a hound that enjoys life to the full, runs around and likes to roll in unspeakably disgusting things - like George and Winnie, you will be better off with a washable coat - easy to wash on a short 30 degree cycle and can be dry in no time.

Maybe you live somewhere it is cold and wet for much of the winter but have a plodder who never gets dirty - then you can't beatlayering a fleece over one of our wax coats.

If you live in a cold house and want to keep your hound happy and warm all night without waking you up to be tucked in, we recommend our fleece jumpers or tee shirts. 

For older hounds, who feel the cold more, fleece jumpers and tee shirts are also ideal for wearing inside and out.

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