What Size?

Not sure what size to order? If you would like some guidance on how to correctly measure your dog, we have provided YouTube videos on the following subjects:

How to Measure your Dog for a Fleece, Tee or Jumper

How to Measure your Dog 
for a Coat

How to Measure for a Collar

and, just as important, is how how our products are designed to fit.

How Should it Fit? Fleece Jumper

How Should it Fit? Tee Shirt

How Should it Fit? Coat

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'How do I measure my dog?'

This is a question we are often asked, so we have created this infographic to help you.

Things you will need when measuring your hound:

  • A soft tape measure - don't be tempted to try with a metal one, it won't be accurate and might scare your dog.
  • A pen and paper to write down the information
  • A willing hound who is in the standing position
  • A few tasty morsels for bribing your hound!

How to Measure your Whippet

There are 4 main measurements that you will need in order to decide what size is best to order:

  • A - Neck - this one is easy, just measure around the middle of your hounds long neck
  • B - Length - ok, this is one people often get wrong - place the tape measure at the base of the neck, and measure along the spine to where you would like the coat to end, this is usually just over where the tail joins the body.
  • C - Shoulder - from the same place you started the length measurement, bring the tape measure down to the front elbow. Imagine this is the place where the bottom of the coat will end, you don't want it too long otherwise your dog won't be able to run around easily.
  • D - Chest - measure all around the body, behind the front legs where the chest is deepest.

Remember - it doesn't matter if your dog is a centimetre or two different to the chart, it is just a guide - the fleece jumpers are stretchy and forgiving, and the coats need are better with a bit of room in. The weight is often a better indicator of size.

If ordering a fleece jumper for your hound don't be tempted to go for the large to get a longer length if the chest is a medium - the large will be too baggy and long in the shoulder and could rub your dogs front legs. They are designed to be a snug fit to keep the wind out and avoid soiling when boy dogs pee! AND they are designed to fall short of the top of the tail around 10cms (4").

The Smedium size only applies to our fleece jumpers. It is the same as the medium but has a smaller chest and shoulder measurement making it perfect for petite adult ladies such as Winnie.

What size should I order for my Whippet?

What size should I order for my Whippet?

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