UK and overseas fulfilment times are within 7 working days.

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Christmas tunes are being played on the radio, signs for Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and the supermarkets have offers on all the big tins of chocolates! It can only mean one thing, it has got to that time of year again when we literally are counting the days to the last posting dates!

So, today it is a rather boring blog, but information that is useful if we are going to avoid shivering dogs this Festive Season. Here I try to answer the question 'Will I get my order before Chrismas?'

We have seen a 4 fold increase in orders over the last 3 months on the same period last year (and that was busy!) so it has been a bit of a logistical nightmare at times but we are all beavering away to get your orders cut and made so that we can get them out as soon as is humanly possible. This has meant that many of our dog coats are taking up to 10 working days to delivery and fleece jumpers up to 7 working days.

I have bribed my sewers with chocolate and caffeine and so far we are just keeping our heads above water. I have two making stock, which goes out as quick as it comes in, and the rest of us working on items we need to make to order.

The long and short of it is this - if the website says it will take up to 10 working days, it probably will - if things ease off I will amend the time, but lets work on that for now. So, if you have one of those products in mind - mostly they are the Wax Coats - then I would recommend you get your order in by December 5th if you are in the UK, then it will go out by the last posting day of December 18th.

For overseas orders the last posting day is December 9th, which is just 7 working days away - for some parts of the World you might still get your order in time, but I can't gaurentee it. Sorry - I promise to be better organised next year. We will be working up to December 21st, try and get everything to you in time, but we have to work with the last posting days given by Royal Mail. If you are willing to pay the extra for a courier, we will be happy to quote for that.

If you are thinking of ordering our Fleece Jumpers and Snoods you can order up until December 8th - but it is a good idea to give us a call as we do have quite a lot of stock  and generally they go out withing 5 working days, often sooner.

In our Christmas Shop we have all stock items and due to demand the the items in our Christmas Gift Boxes can be purchased idividually. The Bow Tie, Festive Toys and Festive Treats can all now be purchased separately- so if you have more than one dog, and I know that many of you do, you can buy them all a bow tie, or toy.

I had grand plans to add a Santa Snood, but time got away with me - maybe next year!

Last Posting Dates: 

Overseas orders - December 9th

UK orders - December 18th

THAT IS NOT VERY LONG! There are basically less than 2 weeks to get your shopping done, I will say again For your Hounds Sake don't Leave Ordering too Late!! 

Please do call us if you want to know what we have in stock and can send out in a hurry, I hate to think that any hound will be cold and shivering this Christmas, but please remember we are an independent company with real people making and packing your orders individually with care and love.



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