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We live in a world of disposable goods, discount shops & online offers. Now, we all love a bargain, and I am the first into a charity shop, but I personally think that ‘cheap’ is a false economy. I believe quality wins the day & works out better value in the in the long run, but it doesn't stop my husband often saying You Paid How Much!! 

So, today I have chosen 5 items I think are more than worth the money and I'm going to demonstrate that once you’ve worked out the cost per wear, you too will see that all these items represent great value for money!

Aigle Wellies

I have tried many pairs of wellies over the years but these really are the best I’ve found. I love them for comfort and they have a good shape - quite flattering for wellies!
Now, I wear mine almost every day of the year to walk the dog, but let’s say you wear them for just 6 months in the winter & autumn. So, that’s 182 days a year, on average they last 4 years, that’s 728 days.
Cost of boots £145 divide by 728 is just under 20 pence per wear!!! But if,  like me, you  wear them for more than 6 months a year, that cost get's into pennies!!

Charley Chau Ducky Donut Bed

We all love & adore our dogs don’t we. We spend a fortune on memory foam mattresses & Egyptian cotton sheets for ourselves, so why shouldn't the dog have the best?  I have known about the lovely beds made by Charley Chau for a long time. When we lost Bruno I really wished I had invested in one of their beds for him & decided that George was absolutely going to have one, a decision I have not regretted.

When this bed turned up, I was amazed by the construction! It has separate pockets around the edge that are filled with feather cushions, and the pad that goes inside is super soft, thick and comfy. The fabric is beautiful, washable and durable. It withstands George's burrowing without a mark! A truelly incredible bed.

This amazing bed cost £210 and I’m going to say it will last 5 years - but I believe it will be longer - so, that’s 1825 days - he sleeps in it every night. The maths on this one is staggering, a mere 11 pence per wear/sleep! Unbelievably great value for money!

Walkers Bag

I adore this bag, it’s my bag of choice when I walk George. It’s a good size. Big enough for treats, ball, phone, poo bags and I carry an air spray in case we get unwanted attention from not so friendly canines. However, this bag is our most expensive at £42. I’m going to say I use it every day for 2 years, 730 days. £42 devided by 730 is the staggeringly small sum of just 6 pence per wear - but given that I will be walking G twice a day soon it brings it down even more! This bag won't owe you anything!! And some people use them for a lot longer than 2 years!

Photo shoot with a Dog Photographer

Deciding to book a dog photographer is a big decision. How do you know they will do a good job, it’s a lot of money, is it worth it when I have a phone that takes perfectly good photos?

All valid questions. But I can tell you, if you can find the money you will never regret spending it. It’s no secret that Kerry Jordan of Whippet Snippets takes our images & thanks to her I have lots of amazing shots of Frankie & Bruno - and George is showing promise in front of the lens too.

Kerry has 3 packages to choose from but let’s say you choose the mid range one at £375. This includes 2 locations & one print on metal or canvas. Now, depending on the age of your dog, you will get to enjoy that canvas on your wall for the rest of your life, and when your dog is no longer with you, that's when the memories the picture brings back will be priceless. But for arguments sake let’s say you hang it & enjoy it for 10 years, that’s 3650 days, devide the cost of £375 by this & you are left with just a smidge over 10 pence per day!!!! But I’m guessing that precious memory will hang on your wall for a good deal longer than 10 years.

Having worked with Kerry I know you will have a truck load of fun on the day, and you will have more than a canvas to remember.

Sculpture by Lorraine Corrigan

I first saw Lorraine’s beautiful paper sculptures at least 4 years ago & hankered after getting one & every time one of them popped up on my Facebook page I was reminded. I didn’t do it. Not until we had lost both our beloved dogs. Then I commissioned Lorraine to sculpt my gorgeous hounds in her unique way. Oh boy am I glad I did.
The cost was £165 each. I can’t do the maths on these because seeing them every day, so beautifully captured is priceless. I am not going to wait for George to go before I commission Lorraine to capture him in all his glory.

So, there you have it, if there is something you really love & think you can’t afford, or maybe feel is too extravagant - do the maths and let the numbers do the talking!!


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