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Redhound isn't merely about crafting garments; it signifies a comprehensive journey from design to delivery, with an unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional service.

Welcome to our world of exceptional whippet wear. Since 2010 founders, Debbie and David have transformed their passion for design and extensive background in clothing manufacture into a respected brand for stylish, functional attire tailored for whippets. Inspired by their first shivering whippet Bruno who had alopecia, hated the rain and wouldn’t go out in the cold.

The Redhound journey began spectacularly, quickly capturing the Editor's Choice Award when launching the brand at the Country Living Christmas Fair and soon after, securing the runner-up position at the Country Homes and Interiors Rural Business Awards. These early achievements were a prelude to a series of accomplishments including appearances at numerous shows including Crufts, collaborations with prestigious brands, TV appearances as well as the successful delivery of thousands of products to whippets worldwide.

Our studio, nestled in the Kent countryside is a beacon of British craftmanship. It’s here in a sunlit converted packing shed that our talented team bring our creations to life, we cut, make and pack everything from this hub of activity. Every part of the process is dedicated to providing the best possible quality of product and service, ensuring your whippet stays warm, dry and happy wherever their adventures may lead.

Redhound was established in 2010. Feeling frustrated by the lack of well fitting coats and jumpers available for Bruno, our shivering whippet, I, Debbie Humphreys, decided it was time to design and make some myself!

Sustainability is important to us at Redhound. Not only do we make our clothing to last, we offer a repair service giving new life to garments thought no longer wearable. Whenever possible, we source fabrics that might otherwise be discarded, prioritise British materials, and ingeniously repurpose scraps into blankets. These eco-conscious efforts extend beyond simply reducing waste; they also support charitable causes, reinforcing Redhound's commitment to community and canine well-being via our many charity auctions.

"Life With a Whippet – Understanding their Quirks and Needs for Harmonious Companionship," the latest book by Debbie, draws from her 21 years of life with whippets. Incorporating insights from a broad array of whippet enthusiasts and complemented by charming illustrations, this book is an essential companion for new and experienced whippet owners alike.

We love whippets so much we created a National Whippet Day - annually on February 19th - Bruno's birthday.

Six-year-old whippets George and Winnie, share their lives with Debbie and David. These canine members of the family ensure that every product not only meets the high standards set by Redhound but is also genuinely whippet-approved.

We’re very approachable at Redhound so you can still get in touch via the telephone or bring your hound in for a personal fitting session – available by appointment Monday – Thursday.

Amazon #1 best seller - Life With a Whippet - a must read for new whippet owners and those already addicted to them!

George, Bertie and Winnie

Wearing our wardrobe staple, Whippet Fleece, in Duck Egg, Yellow and Red.

The Happy Hound

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